Saturday, June 18, 2011

FRUGAL GRANNY: Antique Quilt Top Finds

I picked up 3 antique quilt tops from a garage sale this morning and only paid $5 each!  These were all hand pieced by the woman's mother-in-law and her mother.  I cannot believe she would part with them and at such a low price, but who am I to argue with the woman??

This first one is the smallest. It is a throw size quilt (roughly 60x42) and is Mark's favorite. I will quilt this up and keep for myself.

 It is very colorful and most of the fabric is the old feed sacks. I took a close up of some of my favorite designs.
 Look at this fun rooster!

I have found no stains or holes (as of yet)in this top.
It is absolutely gorgeous!
 I believe this cat is from the same fabric as the rooster, but I really liked the animals. Just a fun quilt to look at.

 This second quilt is a bit larger, approximately 76x84.I think it looks nice. Mark doesn't like the large empty spaces, but I said that was for the hand quilters to put pretty designs.  I am not a hand quilter, but am thinking of doing some redwork type embroidery in the large blocks.

It appears to be made from shirts.. All the blocks have stripes or plaids, except this one block, which is made from prints.  The square blocks definitely look like a 30s print to me.  There is a stain on the one triangle here.
 Here is the other stain on this quilt. Both look kind of like 'rust' stains.  This stain is on the green solid.  This doesn't quite feel like a feed sack, but also doesn't feel like the shirt material; maybe it is  flour sacks?

The last quilt is a 16 patch set off with blue blocks.
It is about a 78x66 size.

I haven't found any stains on this one yet.

And I plan, again, on doing some kind of redwork embroidery in the large empty blocks.   Maybe I'll do a design in gold to match the 16 patch blocks.

Here is a close up of the back. It seems such a shame to machine quilt these wonderful hand quilted pieces, but I am not a hand quilter.

These last two I will finish up and donate to charity. This year my quilt group (the Calico Cabin Quilter's Sew-ciety) are giving to an orphanage.

But then again, I will probably make at least one quilt for the Joplin survivors. I might send these to Joplin and make fun quilts for the orphanage.  When I get these done, I will update the post. :)

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  1. I am just floored that you have found these gems for $5. CRAZY! I would love to see what you've done with them. I found your blog when I was searching for 16 patch quilts. I love the one you pictured. Thanks for sharing!