Saturday, June 18, 2011

GRANNY'S KITCHEN: Kool-aid filled graham crackers

My kids LOVE these graham cracker treats.  I first discovered them at a bake sale when I was a kid and I asked how they were made. It was so easy, I've been making them for special treats ever since.

Just take a powdered Kool-aid pack and put in a bowl with some powdered sugar.  Drizzle some milk in as you stir and this makes the frosting.  It is just trial and error as to how much you use on sugar and just a bit of milk. (maybe 2 cups sugar)..

Spread on graham cracker halves, top with another graham cracker half and let it set a few minutes before serving so that it is not so runny.  This makes a super easy, sweet and tangy dessert -- and of course, graham crackers are healthy! :-)

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