Sunday, July 31, 2011


 My friend Hannah had 4 friends that had babies very close together. She wanted to give them a personalized gift and request onsies.

She wanted the babies name and birthday (and the weight, too of the ones she knew). She bought newborn size, and said once they outgrew them it would be a keepsake.

What a cute idea!

I took the onsies and my patterns down to my mothers where she offered her services (and machine).

We had a wonderful visit as we worked on these.  The girls onsies turned out fine.  The embroidery on the boys messed up royally!  After she worked and worked trying to get it out, we decided to redo them with applique.  You cannot tell that there is an embroidery disaster under each of those seals!  I am so blessed to have a wonderful mom with her patience! I would have thrown them away and given my friend burp rags for the gifts! hehe

I've made these before (when my great nephew was born), but never had this much trouble.

Oh well. They turned out great!  I hope her friends like them.

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  1. What a sweet idea. And like you say, they can be keepsakes after the sweet little babes outgrow them. Perfect!