Friday, October 29, 2010

GRANNY'S KITCHEN: Cooking outside

OK.. so it's not my kitchen!  All the kids went off to Trunk-or -Treat which left me alone with my hubby for a couple hours. Wow!  We took advantage and sat outside near the fire and cooked a couple steaks.  It was so dark and the coals were so beautiful glowing in the dark! My pictures don't do it justice. I put the flash on so you could see the cool fire pit/grill my son, Nicolas, made. The bottom is a big fire ring made from an old tractor tire rim. He made and added the grill section which swings out and is adjustable up and down.  We had to lower it a couple times as the fire died down and we were not adding more wood.  We finished up cooking as the kids started arriving back home at which time  we let them take over the fire pit area and we headed in to eat our steak in the light.  I've decided we need to do more 'date nights'!

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