Saturday, April 14, 2012

GRANDMOTHER'S LIBRARY: "Everliving" by Christina Dudley

I sure do enjoy my Kindle Fire!  I get onto Amazon periodically and download free books!  "Everliving" is one of my free finds on Amazon.  This is a 'tragic' love story that takes place in California in an old logged out Redwood forest (or should I say where an old Redwood forest used to be?).

Daphne Linstrom lived in the 1800s and loved the mighty redwoods.  She loved them so much that she became their 'protector' and lived on (as a ghost) for decades after all but one had been logged.

Ben Platt is a graduate student who stumbles across the town where Daphne had lived and not only finds her one remaining redwood, but also 'see's and falls in love with (the ghost of) Daphne!

The book describes what is found in the canopy of a redwood!  I had no idea that other 'forests' or 'worlds' actually existed in the top of a mighty tree!  I just pictured branches, stems, and leaves.  Apparently the branches get so thick as to create a 'forest floor' high in the canopy in which other plants can grow and thrive.  Wow!  Makes me want to take a botany class in California just to study redwoods!

This paranormal love story sounds as if it will be a mush, gushy book, but it really is a great mystery!  Daphne had disappeared a hundred years ago, and this mystery was still alive and creating tourism in her home town of Red Gap.  There are many speculations as to what happened to her, but it is Ben who actually discovers her secrets.

This was a GREAT book to read!  And more doubly enjoyable because it was FREE. Amazon rotates different books to offer as freebies and I happened to catch this when it was free.  The book can be purchased for a nominal price (around $3) for a Kindle, or it is available to read as a 'regular' book found here at Amazon.!  Eiether way, it was an enjoyable find.

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