Saturday, February 12, 2011


 I've been wanting to do some fun stuff for Valentine's Day and found some fun ideas on the "Happy Clean Living" blog.
 I've been wanting to make a pizza, so I made my crust using the 30-minute roll recipe from shelf reliance. (I use this ALL the time!!)

I shaped my dough into two heart shapes and added the ingredients for these yummy looking pizzas!

SADLY, I am on a diet, so I didn't 'taste test' as I went along, like I would normally do, and my pepperoni's were no longer good.
Poor Mark got sick (but his stomach had been a bit iffy from a bout of stomach flu or something the other day).. he staved it off with some apple cider vinegar (apparently the change of acid level will counter the bad stuff??? His sister told him this, and he seemed OK -- but he did lose the pizza which would make it ok,too)..

Natalie just got a bit of acid reflux action, and Nicolas was playing video games, so we were able to prevent him from eating any. He did complement me on how cool they looked and he even noticed the homemade crust!

So... I may have to try this again without the bad pepperonis!! But if I get any more 'slack' about this from Mark, I will be fixing him a big batch of Pepperoni Soup for dinner!  XOXOXOXOX

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