Saturday, February 12, 2011

GRANNY'S KITCHEN: Tortilla Sandwiches

 Our YSA (Young Single Adult) group is having a dance tonight here -- the first in a LONG time.  (Most dances in our area are in Rolla or Springfield, both 2 hours away).. I hope we have a good turn out!
Relief Society has been asked to bring finger foods. I thought about cupcakes, but figured there would be plenty of cupcakes, candy, chips & dips, etc, so I decided to make sandwiches. I made these the other day when we had the missionaries over for lunch and they were a success!
I took a box of cream cheese and put in my food processor with one of my large homemade icicle pickles (sweet) -- about 3 tablespoons of sweet relish would work, too) and blended until smooth.. This I spread over a tortilla (1 box of cream cheese will be enough for 2 packs of tortillas -10 pack)..
I then sprinkled some dried onions over that and spread some spinach leaves.  I added lunch meat (I had a variety: ham, chicken, turkey breast..) and cheese slices. On top of this I put some of my homemade pickled banana pepper rings.
Roll this up, put in two toothpicks to secure and viola' -- delicious sandwiches!!

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