Monday, March 5, 2012

GRANNY'S KITCHEN: Football Strawberries

It's me, late as ever with my posts!  But when looking at my camera today, I found the pictures I had taken on Super Bowl Sunday.

Wanting a fun, EASY, (and healthy! lol) snack, I just browsed the internet.  I saw several sites with football strawberries on them, and decided that was exactly what I wanted.  (I did make other snacks, too: hot wings, chips and dip, etc..)  But this was the fun SuperBowl snack that I made!

I only bought 3 things for this:
  1. Fresh Strawberries
  2. Chocolate Dip
  3. Instant Icing
Following the directions on the container of Candy Dips, I melted the chocolate discs in the microwave.  Then I carefully dipped my strawberries in that and put on parchment paper to harden.

I popped open the instant frosting, put on the writing tip and added white lines.

Yes, I know these could have been neater.  BUT, I made them right before the big game.  Next time, I'll do the night before and keep in the fridge!

Also, the lines would have been neater if I had used my own frosting (or canned frosting) with my own tips.  I have a smaller writing tip that would have been perfect.

I just say, these balls made it to the Super Bowl, so they've been through a LOT of practice and games!

And, of course, they were ALL eaten! 

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