Saturday, November 6, 2010


Carissa had never used the tiny saws to cut pumpkins, so Nathan is helping out with her pumpkin. Naomi came to enjoy our annual family event!  

As you can tell, I didn't carve mine, but made a mummy . Believe it or not, that is a whole roll of gauze! The eyes are from a pumpkin carving kit from a couple years ago.

Natalie was busy hanging out with cousins, so she carved her bat the next day. The stinker would not let me take her photograph.

Nicolas also took the easy way out and only carved a scythe.  Carissa and Nathan carved the creepy stalker looking through the blinds. 

Naomi had a small pumpkin, but that's OK because I have a copy machine that can shrink images! She chose the intricate scarecrow.  I love the way it looks -- as thought the field behind it is on fire!

I took photos with and without the light inside. I think they are better looking when they are lit up in the dark..

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