Friday, November 5, 2010


                                                        I have not figured out yet how to get my two photos side by side yet like the double layout pages they are. But anyway, here are a couple of the paged I did of Nathan's and Nicolas' birthday party.  Look at all the smoke coming off the candles -- good think we were outside!!  We set up bales of straw for our 'theatre' seats and set the projector to show on the side of the garage.  We showed Disney's Haunted Mansion and then Ghost Rider.  

We grilled hamburgers and had snacks, including Aunt Cleo's brownies!  

We didn't have many carvers this year, but have to admit that EVERY STORE was totally OUT of PUMPKINS!!  There were NONE at WalMart, Ramey's or Country Mart!  The kids finally found the last two at the new Market where the Warm Fork Cafe' used to be.  

I tried to mention that next year I want to go back to just carving and snacks, but Nicolas informed me that he likes the grilling out and movies.  I do miss all the carvings from the past.  It might help if I sent out invitations like I used to do -- we just went by word of mouth this year.. I think people need that tangible invitation to help them remember.

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