Saturday, November 6, 2010


When my brother-in-law had a kidney transplant, I made this quilt to auction off to help him with expenses.  My mom (Kathleen Cockrum) embroidered redwork western motifs on black squares. Each block is different -- when we ran out of designs, we flipped a few of them so they would technically still be different.  Some of the embroidery designs take over an hour to sew out, not including the time lining up the fabric in the hoop, finding the pattern, and transferring it to her Janome sewing card.  We had 40 embroidered blocks, so imagine all the hours my mother spent at the sewing machine for this!
I then set the pieces together with bandanna fabric.  I drew (from pictures I found on the internet: I had to get ideas from somewhere!!) the pantograph quilting pattern out on a roll of fax paper.  My aunts Marge and Cleo have a short arm quilting machine that we use for our quilting.  I put the photo in x-large mode so that you can see the details of the quilting: I alternated cowboy hats and boots!  Loran has always been into horses and horse shows, and was president of the Saddle Club for quite some time! (in case you're wondering why the western theme).  The quilt was then sold at a benefit auction held for Loran. I cannot remember what it went for, but every little bit helped!

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