Monday, November 8, 2010

GRANNY'S KITCHEN: Jalapeno Poppers

2010 was a great year for peppers! Our tomatoes did not do well, but our pepper plants looked like TREES, the stems were so thick!  We had an over abundance of cayenne, which I dried. Then I had several of these jalapenos, which I candied and made poppers.  We also grew quite a few banana peppers, which I canned, and some bell peppers which I stuffed, chopped up and used in a variety of ways.  
This is my endeavor with jalapeno poppers!
First I had to half and deseed, wearing gloves (other wise you get acid burns on your hands!)  The deseeded halves get placed on cookie sheets and frozen. The halves are then filled with cheese (I used cream cheese on some, and some left over cheese dip, which had been made from velveeta and salsa mixed together, in some.  The halves are squished together and placed back in the freezer.  When I had all my jalapenos filled, I pulled out my first tray, rolled them in flour, dipped in egg/milk mixture, then rolled in bread crumbs.  These went back to the freezer. When all were completed and frozen, I placed in freezer bags.  Then when ready for a snack, just take out what you need and deep fry!

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