Wednesday, March 2, 2011

GRANNY'S KITCHEN: London Broils??

One cut of meat I used to buy often at the West Side Market (boy do I MISS that place!!) was a London Broil.  It was like a huge steak and I would treat my family to these.
Last time we butchered, I asked the processing plant for some London Broil cuts.  When I picked up the meat, I noticed the packages were thin, and thought it was just a thin London Broil (the ones I used to buy were THICK).
I finally thawed these out and when I opened the package, THIS is what was in them.  I would NOT call this a London Broil, but it looked interesting.  It looks to me like some round steaks rolled up with the fatty side in the middle, then sliced.
I decided to saute these in butter with some fresh mushrooms. I added a couple pressed garlic bulbs and a little salt.  I served them with homemade cheese-garlic buns. YUM.

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